Why Bike Riders Are Taking Their Sport Indoors

Most children ride their bicycles for miles a day just because it is fun and gives them the freedom to travel in their neighborhoods. Kids do not think about all the healthy exercise they are getting. They just enjoy the experience. The majority of adults have neither the space nor time for riding so they give up their bikes and the benefits they provide. However, many are now investing in a sationary bike that solves the problem. They can enjoy heart-healthy exercise, lose weight and improve their moods without leaving home.

The Heart Gets a Workout

Bike riding in any form is good for the heart. Riders train their hearts as they gradually increase exercise time and intensity. The heart is a muscle that can improve with routine physical activity the same way that other muscles do. Regular bicycle riding increases cardio-respiratory capacity. That makes it possible for riders to increase effort without being breathless right away. Their hearts are not as stressed because they need to beat less frequently to be effective. Bike riding helps lower the chances for cardiovascular disease.

Using a Bike Encourages Weight Loss

Any kind of bike riding can help weight loss efforts because riders burn calories as they exercise. The more intense the workout, the more calories they burn. Most people find that sustained, high-intensity riding is too difficult to do for very long. However, alternating short, intense training with twice weekly low or medium intensity riding can help to burn calories. Exercising on a bike 1 hour 3 times a week is ideal for weight loss. As a bonus, riders build muscle.

Bike Riders Feel Good

Riding a stationary bicycle releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones. That produces a state of well-being that reduces stress and anxiety. Bike riding, like most other sports, is responsible for the “runners high” that many athletes report. Using a stationary bicycle for 1 or 2 hours sends enough endorphins into the body to combat depression.

Many city dwellers and busy professionals now invest in stationary bicycles that allow them to get heart-healthy exercise. Intense bike riding is also an excellent way to lose weight. In addition, riders boost their sense of well-being as exercise floods their bodies with endorphins.

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