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Weird and Unusual Writing Jobs that Requires the Highest Level of Creativity

Whether you have a journalism degree from the best college in the world or you are in your third degree in journalism, you may still find yourself still not the best in the writing job market. Here, you need know why despite your qualifications, you are still underpaid or the position which you get does not match with the level of your papers until you have a couple of years below your belt. Even as you struggle getting a writing gig that can pay off your bills, cater for your small family and also help you settle hefty student loans, there is a need for you to know gigs which are wonderful for you. Don’t feel as if all is lost because millions of Americans are still exploiting these rewarding writing opportunities highlighted in this website. The wonderfulness of the modern online writing gigs is they are there for everyone provided you will develop very creative content that cause great traffic online. Just take your time to read this website and you will have a good overview of these online writing jobs that requires sound creativity and are very well paying.

The first online gig, that obviously pay very well is being a profile writer for online dating. You have basics of dating and the most important thing is to know how to become a prolific writer, or else writing style that can make you stand out. Here, every word should trigger love emotion and romance and not giving history of how love started during adage days. The good thing is, there are a lot of people who are hiring prolific online writers to make their online dating profile stunning.

Creating fortune cookies is also an awesome writing job that also pays very well. Sometimes you have read these fortune cookies and you even tend to wonder what they mean in the first place and if that is the case, then know that the cookie was written by a writer who was tired and struggling to connect dots of creativity. As an excellent fortune cookies writer, you have to make sure that your content is crazy and outlandish.

Your writing creativity can also be used to come up with great graveyard inspiration such that anyone who will come across it will feed his or her spirit with wonderful encouraging words. For example, just think of coming up with an epitaph, which has one or two sentences. Imagine using very few words, a sentence or two to summarize the whole life of a person who has lived for decades; it calls a great deal of creativity. You will have to be very creative so as to come up with an inspiration that will comfort spirits of the his loved ones any time they see the gravestone.

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